Nipple Cream: A Makeup Bag Must Have?

What on earth are we saying? A nipple cream in your makeup bag? That’s right, sister!

Did you know?

While our Lanolin nipple cream is widely known by experienced moms to help soothe sore nipples, beauty insiders consider our lanolin to be the best-kept secret. Whether you have some left over from your breastfeeding days or you are in the market for a new do-it-all product, Lanolin is one item that deserves a spot in your makeup bag’s valuable real estate.

Lanolin is such a multitasking workhorse, you’ll be able to replace some of your staples with this one product

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"I am not kidding you, I have never put something this smooth on my lips. I used the tiniest of tiny amount of the product and, an hour and a half later, it feels like I just put it on."

What is Lanolin?

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  1. A thick, rich protective oil that comes from plants.
  2. A thick, rich protective oil that comes from the fleece of sheep.
  3. A thick, rich protective oil that comes from fish.
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What’s the deal with Lanolin?

Lanolin has moisturizing and softening properties and its molecular structure is incredibly close to that of the oils naturally produced in our skin. Our Lanolin takes it one step further.

We use an intensive and proprietary refining process to make a 100% natural, single ingredient, completely hypoallergenic wonder product that is so pure it doesn’t even need to be removed before breastfeeding.

Lansinoh Lanolin Minis are the perfect size for your purse or makeup bag.

Lanolin is the ultimate makeup bad multi-tasker. Lanolin has the added appeal of being highly refined, hypoallergenic, and 100% natural. One product with so many uses?
We weren’t kidding when we called it a wonder product!

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