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Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has been committed to helping moms succeed in breastfeeding for over 30 years. Famous for its award-winning cornerstone product, HPA® Lanolin, Lansinoh® is a leader in breastfeeding products and accessories, which are available in nearly 60 countries.

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Flanges: how to get the right fit

First off, what is a flange? Well, it's the piece of the pump that goes around your breast. Here's what you need to know about fit.   Properly fi

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Pumping profiles: the Smartpump

Our friend Louise from Mama Bean Parenting shares her insights! To complete our Pumping Profiles series, this week we're meeting Emily, who uses an

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Pumping profiles: the mighty hand pump

Our friend Louise from Mama Bean Parenting shares her insights!   If we are lucky, we are told during pregnancy to prepare for feeding our babi

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Pumping profiles: the double electric breast pump

Our friend Louise from Mama Bean Parenting shares her insights! The double electric breast pump is something of a staple in the world of breastfeeding

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Pumping playlist

When when you need tunes to get your pump on. We've got you covered Mama!

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10 tips for eating more fruits and vegetables

It's not just milk that does a body good. We all know fruits and veggies are good for us - no just when you're pregnant or breastfeeding!  Here are 1

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Do babies need water?

Trivia time! Even in warmer climates, breastfed infants under 6 months do not need additional liquids such as water or juice. Your breastmilk is made

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6 self care tips when breastfeeding

It's important to take care of yourself Mama! Our friends at Belabumbum share their top self care tips. Any new mom will agree, breastfeeding can be o

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How breastfeeding changes your breasts

Breastfeeding can at times feel like a scary mystery. Our resident Certified Lactation Counselor Molly Petersen gives you the facts. While breastfeedi

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Smoothie recipes for milk supply

Worried about your milk supply? Try these smoothies! All of the below smoothies were submitted by mamas and may help increase your supply because they

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milk storage bags

"Your milk is precious, keep it safe!"

"This is my second baby and my second time using these storage bags exclusively! I know with these nothing will leak out of the sealed bag and my precious milk will stay perfectly in my freezer!" -Proud Mama V Shop Breastmilk Storage Bags


"Easy to clean!"

"I was reluctant to try something new, but I am glad I did. This pump is quieter, gentler, and way smarter. I also love that I am able to throughly clean it after each session even when I am on the go. I pump 5 while I am at work and I'm glad I don't have too spend too much time cleaning afterwards." -workingmama Shop Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump


"I would buy this product again and again."

"This lanolin cream helped soothe any pain or discomfort I had. My daughter was able to tolerate this lanolin cream and did not show any signs of it disagreeing with her as well. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is nursing and dealing with pain and discomfort." -Erika Shop Lanolin

ultimate protection

"These are the best nursing pads!"

"I was never afraid of leaking and they lasted me through a full 14-16 hour day without changing them. They are thin and very comfortable. I will never use another brand of nursing pads again!" Shop Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads

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