Hangry? The dish on breastfeeding and your appetite.

Hangry? The dish on breastfeeding and your appetite.

Anybody have any snacks?! Our resident Certified Lactation Counselor Molly Petersen gives you the facts.

Yes, you will probably be extra hungry when you're breastfeeding—and that's OK!

Every mom is different, but most of the moms I know definitely notice an increase in appetite when they are breastfeeding. Creating breast milk for your baby is a full-time job and can burn up to an additional 500 calories per day, so be sure to keep your body fueled with a balanced, nutritious diet, and make sure you stay hydrated, too.

Meet Molly Petersen

“I love when I hear the confidence in a new mom’s voice when she realizes that her body is capable of giving her baby the very best.” Molly began her Lansinoh career assisting customers with product questions, and was inspired to become a CLC when she realized that many questions were more about breastfeeding than products.


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