Our global leadership team comes from a variety of backgrounds, each member bringing their knowledge, creativity, and passion to the team. We all work together with one clear goal: to help moms and babies get the best start in their new lives.

Lansinoh Kevin Vyse-Peacock, Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Vyse-Peacock

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin’s sense of humor and his affinity for the quirky encourages creativity and open-minded thinking at Lansinoh – giving employees space to play and explore.

Under Kevin's leadership, Lansinoh has grown its global presence, providing moms with solutions to the most common breastfeeding challenges in over 60 countries. Leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit within the organization, he spearheaded an initiative to build a factory in Turkey, further fueling innovation.

Kevin has been with Lansinoh for over 15 years and his passion for building cross-cultural relationships has been instrumental in Lansinoh’s growth from a small startup to a global leader in the breastfeeding category. Not surprisingly, Kevin’s MBA from Leeds University is in International Business. Prior to working at Lansinoh, Kevin spent over a decade at Croda where he led the initiative on the startup of their healthcare business. Kevin has an appreciation for intellectual curiosity and an interest or, more accurately, an obsession with Star Wars. Perhaps, in a galaxy far, far away, he could see himself as a school teacher or a professor. If he could Jedi mind-trick his younger self and offer a piece of advice, it would be to sleep more and take pictures. Or as Yoda might say “More sleep. Pictures important, forget you will."


Lansinoh Pete Borsuk, Chief Financial Officer

Pete Borsuk

Chief Financial Officer

Pete’s contribution to Lansinoh’s business over the last decade is, ironically, immeasurable. Pete keeps us on track to meet and exceed goals.

Pete is trusted and respected for his ability to plan for long-term growth while expertly mitigating risk. His even-keeled demeanor, belief in transparency, and prioritization of logical thinking inspires sound decision making in a high-growth environment.

Prior to joining Lansinoh, Pete spent 15 years working at media and telecommunications giants including comScore and Nextel, where he fine-tuned the skillset required to lead a global organization’s finance team. Through his move away from the telecom space, Pete recognizes just how much he values Lansinoh’s mission driven business. He leads by example and with great consideration for colleagues as well as Lansinoh’s end users, mothers and babies.

If not at Lansinoh, Pete could see himself exploring a career in the sports world. As an avid sports fan and athlete, he regularly competes in soccer leagues and triathlons. Impressively, Pete has two Ironman competitions under his belt. Not surprisingly, like any great athlete, Pete’s mantra of not sweating the small stuff keeps him race-ready both professionally and personally with his wife and three kids.


Lansinoh Koji Matsutori, Chief Operating Officer

Koji Matsutori

Chief Operating Officer

Koji has been the proverbial wearer of many hats throughout his 15 years at Lansinoh, from Procurement to Sales to New Product Development and now as COO.

Koji continues to be an instrumental part of Lansinoh’s global success. With an affinity towards engineering and a soft spot for developing new products, Koji is constantly on the lookout for interesting innovation that is useful to new moms.

Prior to joining Lansinoh, Koji spent almost a decade at Pigeon Japan, Lansinoh’s parent company. He launched the disposable nursing pad and baby wipe categories, which quickly grew to 30% of international sales in 2003.

Koji’s adventurous spirit began in high school when he moved from Japan to California as an exchange student. Looking back, he would nudge his high school self to study math a little bit more, but young Koji had different ideas. He spent time exploring the coast and fell in love with surfing culture, igniting a retirement plan to live near the beach and learn to surf. He plans to retire in Hawaii and wants to open Japanese curry shops in surfing communities around the world.


Lansinoh Vanessa Cook, President, Business Development

Vanessa Cook

Business Development

Vanessa’s ability to connect Lansinoh’s strategic business goals with her passion for working across cultures has proven to be successful over the last decade.

By developing key partnerships and creating sales networks in 40 countries, much of the EMEA region’s success can be attributed to Vanessa’s leadership. With consistent double digit growth, Vanessa successfully navigates the pitfalls of varying regulatory requirements and cultural nuance.

With 20 years of sales experience prior to joining Lansinoh, Vanessa leverages her knowledge base to lead and align her team members. Her mantra, “do good and good will come to you,” inspires her team, individually and collectively, to work towards building a brand that adheres to this iteration of the golden rule.

Vanessa fuels her sense of adventure by travelling to new places and exploring local beaches with a cocktail in hand. This passion for adventure also drives Vanessa’s entrepreneurial spirit. If she was not working at Lansinoh, Vanessa would have started her own business. While she did not start Lansinoh, she joined when it was little more than a startup and nurtured tremendous growth, creating a successful business. She clearly followed her own advice and took the risk.


Lansinoh Barbaros Karadag, General Manager, Turkey

Barbaros Karadag

General Manager,

Lansinoh Rush Bartlett, Vice President, Innovation

Rush Bartlett

Vice President,

Rush leads Lansinoh's New Product Development organization with a keen focus on solving moms' real problems with products of the highest quality.

Rush is an experienced early-stage medical technology entrepreneur who has co-founded several medical technology companies. These include Awair, Inc. (acquired by Cook Medical), and Vynca Health. He was also an inventor and the Chief Strategy Advisor to Maternal Life on the Primo-Lacto product acquired by Lansinoh in 2018.

Rush has a wide breath of startup experience in product management, operations, business development, and as an early-stage CEO. He is also an accomplished inventor in the fields of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare IT with 14 issued patents. Rush is regularly invited to teach Stanford's Biodesign Front-End Innovation Process to R&D teams at major healthcare companies, and he has trained almost 500 people across the United States, Europe, and China from Becton Dickenson, Edwards Life Sciences, Baxter, and Johnson & Johnson.

Rush received his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, his MBA from Indiana University, and his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Purdue University. He also completed post-doctorate studies at Stanford University in Biodesign.


Lansinoh Angie Teates, Vice President, North America

Angie Teates

Vice President,
North America

Angie's passions for building high-performing teams and making life better shine through in all she does leading Lansinoh's North American business.

Angie joined Lansinoh in 2018, bringing 20 years of marketing, operations, and technology experience across Women's Healthcare, Media, and Consulting sectors.

Prior to joining Lansinoh, Angie grew and led Slalom Consulting's Salesforce.com practice for the firm's Washington, DC office (Slalom Consulting employs more than 6,000 people across 25 offices in North America and the UK). As Slalom’s lead for the Salesforce practice, Angie leveraged her hands-on experience in leading enterprise-level Sales, Marketing, Technology, and Business Operations programs to help her clients grow their businesses.

Angie's previous leadership roles have included SVP of Marketing & Customer Operations for Advantia Health, Executive Vice President of Business Operations for Remedy Health Media, Director of Advertising Operations for Targeted Victory, and Manager, Global Architectures & Core Technologies for Accenture Consulting.

Angie received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Kansas.


Lansinoh Clerk Tan, General Manager, China

Clerk Tan

General Manager,

Clerk plays a key role in Lansinoh China's ongoing growth. With an eye for detail, a love of sales, and an affinity for financials, Clerk's team has grown quickly.

Not one to walk away from a challenge, Clerk welcomes key learnings that come from launching a brand in a new market. He uses each day as an opportunity to learn and grow and continues to increase the brand’s presence and awareness throughout the country.

Prior to joining Lansinoh, Clerk spent 15 years at Pigeon Shanghai. At Pigeon, Lansinoh's parent company, Clerk’s responsibilities included leading the sales team responsible for all of Pigeon China’s wholesale business valued at approximately $230 million, opening and growing the Pigeon Guangzhou office, and running the e-commerce operation in China where he grew sales by 30%.

Clerk’s passion for people, as evidenced by his successful career both as a sales person and as a leader, does not start or stop with his position at Lansinoh. If he had chosen a different career path, Clerk would be a taxi driver so he could meet different people daily as he drives them to every corner of the city.


Lansinoh Heike Hinrichs, Managing Director, Germany

Heike Hinrichs

Managing Director,

Heike has been a key member of the Lansinoh team for close to a decade, and she is part of Lansinoh Germany's founding family.

Heike worked alongside her sister, Monika, to grow the brand in Germany. In 2012, when Monika moved on, Heike stepped up to the role of Managing Director and has achieved double-digit sales growth annually. With fond memories of decorating the Berlin office with her sister and her father, she takes immense pride in continuing and leveraging the work her sister started in 2004.

Prior to joining Lansinoh, Heike spent over 15 years in various sales roles and brought that skillset to Lansinoh. Under her leadership, Germany’s sales have grown significantly and consistently. Heike’s passion for her team and her dedication to growing the brand are driving factors in her commitment to Lansinoh.

Heike’s lifelong love of learning is not limited to formal education. While she has her MBA from Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen, she is equally knowledgeable in swing dancing, roller blading, and skiing. Her love of travel is punctuated by her fluency in German, French, and English along with conversational proficiency in Spanish. Like any sage traveler, she knows the secret to happiness is to remain open-minded and curious throughout the adventure of life.


Lansinoh Jayne Stringer, Managing Director, UK

Jayne Stringer

Managing Director,

Lansinoh Paul Day, Managing Director, Export Sales

Paul Day

Managing Director,
Export Sales

With 30 years of sales and marketing experience, Paul’s thoughtful and strategic expansion of Lansinoh's export market is hardly surprising.

With an acute understanding of marketing strategy paired with sales acumen, Paul identifies and manages high growth opportunities.

From hair care to clothing to greeting cards, Paul’s experience ranges by both category and customer segment. He relies on key learnings from prior roles to accurately analyze market landscapes and make the business case for exploring partnerships in optimal areas. His leverages his ability to hone in on brand differentiation and provide robust support to grow Lansinoh in these markets.

Paul’s need for speed and precision is not limited to an aggressive growth strategy. If he was not a key member of the Export team, Paul would be a race car driver. His high level of risk tolerance and his commitment to long term success serves him well, both at work and at home. Professionally, Paul is willing to invest significant time to develop lasting relationships. Personally, as a father of four, Paul invests his time nurturing the growth and development of his greatest accomplishments, his children.


Lansinoh Marc Roblain, Managing Director, France-Benelux

Marc Roblain

Managing Director,

Marc has led Lansinoh’s France-Benelux growth since 2016 when we opened an office in the region. Initially the sole employee, his team grew rapidly.

Marc does not view his accomplishments as simply reaching sales goals or targets but as a contribution to the greater good by supporting long-term global health benefits.

Marc relies on his extensive sales experience to grow Lansinoh within the region. With over 15 years of experience at various companies, including Disney, Graco, and Nuk, he continues to apply key learnings to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the baby category. His enviable fluency in Dutch, English, Spanish, and French gives him the ability to easily communicate across countries and languages.

Marc is incredibly proud of his team, professionally and his family, personally. His knows that fostering the relationships he cherishes, he must spend time getting lost in Nature where he recharges by removing items that need charging like phones and computers. By prioritizing time outdoors, he can be an explorer and philosopher appreciating the space where nature and soul collide.


Lansinoh Paulo Pinton, General Manager, Brazil

Paulo Pinton

General Manager,