Partner Feeling a Little Left Out? Tips Just for Them!

It’s easy to feel a little disconnected from the pregnancy process when you’re not the one who is pregnant.

Your partner has watched from the sidelines as your body has changed and as you’ve catalogued a seemingly endless list of discomforts, from swollen feet to hemorrhoids.

Their support is just as important during the pregnancy as it will be once baby actually arrives. Share these tips with the special someone in your life, and let them know it will make them your hero.

  1. Help with household chores. For the majority of the pregnancy – both in the first and third trimesters – expecting moms are exhausted. Encourage her to sit down and put her feet up while you run errands, clean dishes, cook meals and do household chores.
  2. Offer to help get ready for baby. “Nesting” is a real phase for expectant moms. While you may not be as excited about painting walls and building cribs, do your best to help prepare the house for baby – or at least “ooh and ahh” over the changes she makes to the house and nursery. Unleash your inner nerd by helping to research baby gear for the registry, and be sure to voice your own opinions if you have them.
  3. Make it easy for her to stay healthy. Read about what foods pregnant women should be eating and avoiding, and then keep the house stocked with healthy snacks. Bring her water to help keep her hydrated. Join her on walks around the neighborhood so she can remain active and so you can stay connected.
  4. Compliment her OFTEN. Moms-to-be are often insecure about their weight gain and changing bodies. Make sure she knows how beautiful you think she is now and forever.
  5. Respond to her cravings. Does she need a steak grilled at 10pm? Are tomatoes for breakfast the only thing that will do? As long as she is craving something that she can eat, make sure you are willing to get it for her.