Cottonwood Kids

Our Partnership

In response to increased awareness by healthcare professionals and new mothers about the importance of breastfeeding, healthcare facilities across the U.S. are steadily replacing their formula discharge bags and samples with the Healthy Baby Bag breastfeeding support discharge bag. The Healthy Baby Bag contains product samples like disposable nursing pads and milk storage bags from Lansinoh, coupons, and information that support and encourage breastfeeding without formula and without conflicting and contradictory messages about breastfeeding.

About Cottonwood Kids

The bags are created by Cottonwood Kids, a company whose mission is to increase breastfeeding rates across the country through it’s Healthy Baby Bag program. Cottonwood Kids works with hospitals, birthing centers, WIC agencies, OB/GYN offices, and corporations to help support and encourage breastfeeding to new mothers. Since its inception in 2009, Cottonwood Kids has distributed millions of Healthy Baby Bags to more than 800 healthcare facilities in all 50 states. Cottonwood Kids also has created a new mother support site where mothers can be linked to resources that will assist them in their desire to breastfeed.

The Healthy Baby Bag is an insulated cooler bag designed to store and transport expressed breastmilk. New mothers receive them filled with samples, coupons, and information that promote breastfeeding and the best care practices for newborns. There are no products or coupons that promote bottles or nipple substitutes. The Healthy Baby Bag is lime green and is perfectly sized to fit easily into a diaper bag. Cottonwood Kids offers Healthy Baby Bags to healthcare providers at a minimal cost but can be free with the purchase of diaper bags also offered by Cottonwood Kids.

How to Order

If you or your company would like order the Healthy Baby Bag for your healthcare facility, please contact Cottonwood Kids.