As you go through the changes of pregnancy, it’s not unusual to have mixed feelings about your changing body.

Third Trimester Body Changes
You're in the home stretch of your pregnancy, but when you reach the third trimester, you've gone from looking forward to wearing your maternity clothes to feeling like you wear the same clothes every single day.
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Celebrating Baby at a Baby Shower
Baby showers are a great way to let friends and family celebrate your pregnancy.
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Hospital/Birthing Center Bag Checklist
What do you really need to pack before you head off to labor and delivery? Here are the essentials and the nice-to-haves.
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The Final Few Weeks of Pregnancy
You're nearly there! The last few weeks of pregnancy can be among the most uncomfortable and by now you're desperate to meet your baby.
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Learning to Say Yes
Having a new baby can be tough on your body and your emotions. Veteran moms understand this, which is why so many will offer to help you after your baby arrives.
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Getting Pregnant While You're Still Breastfeeding
If you are currently breastfeeding and already dreaming about getting pregnant again, you are not alone! Many women think about adding to their family before they've finished breastfeeding.
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