As you go through the changes of pregnancy, it’s not unusual to have mixed feelings about your changing body.

Exercising while pregnant
Lots of soon-to-be moms have questions about staying fit during their pregnancy: Is it safe to work out? Are there any exercises I should avoid?
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Planning for Labor & Delivery
Even though your due date may seem far away, it's best to start researching and planning what you want your labor and delivery experience to be like as early as possible.
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Changes to Your Breasts While Pregnant
In addition to your expanding belly, your breasts will continue to change throughout your pregnancy as they prepare to provide nourishment for your baby.
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Butterflies in Your Stomach? This Could Be Baby Kicking!
Your baby is wiggling right from conception but only from around 16 to 20 weeks can you start feeling those movements.
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Selecting a Healthcare Provider
Healthcare providers will be key team members in your baby's development, and you will see them frequently for check-ups and routine visits, especially in the early days after baby arrives.
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Pregnancy Conditions to Watch Out For
Now that you are pregnant, your body is going through quite a few changes to enable your baby's development. It's all new so it can be a little strange and sometimes scary, but it helps when you know what to expect and what symptoms to look out for.
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What to Expect At Your 20-Week Ultrasound
For most parents-to-be, the 20 week ultrasound can be the most exciting because it's when you can find out gender (assuming baby is in the mood to show!).
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Learning to Love Your Pregnant Body
As you go through the changes of pregnancy, it's not unusual to have mixed feelings about your changing body.
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Planning a Nursery
Getting ready for baby can be overwhelming. Some moms-to-be want to jump right into the nursery planning while others want extra time to think about it, especially if they are going to be planning their nursery design around their baby's gender.
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