As you go through the changes of pregnancy, it’s not unusual to have mixed feelings about your changing body.

How Labor and Delivery Can Affect Breastfeeding
Different experiences can affect early breastfeeding success Labor and delivery aka your birth story is something you will talk about for years to come. One thing that isn’t often discussed is how different labor and delivery experiences can affect early...
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Announcing Your Pregnancy to Loved Ones
Letting friends and family in on your secret can be one of the most exciting moments during a pregnancy. There are countless ways to make the announcement memorable.
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Changes to Your Body During the First Trimester
Many first time moms eagerly look forward to wearing maternity clothes and showing off their growing baby bump. If this is your first pregnancy, it may take some time to show. In reality, most women only gain 2-3 pounds during the first trimester and are not likely to show until around 5-6 months.
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Will You Find Out Baby's Gender?
Becoming a parent means making a lot of choices. One of the first choices that you and your partner will need to agree on is whether you want to find out the gender before the baby is born, or if you want to wait until baby's birth day to find out.
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What to Eat (and What to Avoid) When Pregnant
Eating a balanced diet during pregnancy is important for the health of you and your baby, and eating healthy, nutritious foods now will help your baby be more open to them when they start solids after 6 months.
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Exercising while pregnant
Lots of soon-to-be moms have questions about staying fit during their pregnancy: Is it safe to work out? Are there any exercises I should avoid?
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What Classes Should I Take While Pregnant?
Gone are the days of one childbirth class focused on breathing techniques for mom to use during labor. Moms-to-be (and their partners!) have more options than ever before on classes they can take.
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Planning for Labor & Delivery
Even though your due date may seem far away, it's best to start researching and planning what you want your labor and delivery experience to be like as early as possible.
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Changes to Your Breasts While Pregnant
In addition to your expanding belly, your breasts will continue to change throughout your pregnancy as they prepare to provide nourishment for your baby.
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