Breastfeeding Tips for Long Car Trips

Breastfeeding and going on a family road trip? No problem! With some minimal planning, your baby is on her way to being a road warrior.

  • Don’t mind driving at night? Nurse baby at her usual nighttime feeding and then put her in her car seat ready for bed. There’s a good chance she’ll sleep for the duration of the trip.
  • Plan ahead. Using an online mapping tool, chart out the route before you leave, and designate a couple places to stop along the way. These can be restaurants or shopping centers or highway rest stops. When it’s time to nurse, or you need to stretch out your legs, you’ll have options on where to stop.
  • Bring along a big water bottle. It’s important that you stay hydrated while nursing.
  • Pack extras. Extra changes of clothes (for baby AND you!), extra diapers, extra wipes, extra nursing pads… Extra of whatever you think you’ll need. That way there are no surprises between home and your destination.

Traveling without baby? Make sure your Lansinoh Signature Pro® Double Electric Breast Pump has batteries and you can pump on the road!