Which Size Flange?


How do I know if I am using the correct size flange for my breast/nipple?


It is important to center your nipple in the tunnel of the breast pump flange and to see whether your nipple is moving freely in the tunnel, is it only your nipple that is being drawn in to the tunnel or is your areola (skin around your nipple) being pulled in as well?  Do you feel as though  your milk is being drained after a pumping session and are you pumping without nipple pain?  If the answer to any of these is no, you would need a different size breast pump flange.

If your nipple is not moving freely, it is too small.

If your areola tissue is being drawn into the tunnel with your nipple, it is too large.

If you arent able to drain the majority of milk from your breast during pumping, it is too large and not able to get the suction needed to drain the breast.

We hope this information helps you but please do not hesitate to ask other questions.

Kindest Regards,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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