Warming Breastmilk


As a CLC I have a client who needs to fortify her breastmilk. I recommended the mOmma bottle which has helped the baby with her latch; however, the bottle shape is not conducive for the Avent bottle warmer she has or any other bottle warmer on the market. It would be wonderful if Lansinoh could create a bottle warmer for their odd shape bottles. Currently the milk is warmed in an Avent bottle then fortified and poured into mOmma bottle.



thank you for your question. We actually have new bottles that are more of a standard shape that fit into most bottle warmers.  These are currently available at Babies R Us and we have a store locator on our website to assist your client in locating them. Here is a link to them on our website.  Best wishes and thank you for getting in touch. https://www.lansinoh.com/products/momma-bottle-with-naturalwave-nipple

Kindest Regards,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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