Using the Electric Pump


I need to know if I am using my double electric breast pump properly. How far in should my nipples get pulled in? How do I know the right setting for speed & suction? I am getting less than 2 oz from one side in about 20-30 min. I have used a manual pump & was getting 2 oz in about 6 min.


Christina, the essential thing to look for when pumping is that your nipples are pulled in to the tunnel without being squeezed and that the milk is able to flow/spray out and into the bottle.  The speed and suction depend on your comfort level and the reaction your body is giving insofar as letting down the milk. You can adjust the speed and suction to the setttings that trigger the let-down as they need to be stimulated enough to let the milk flow. Gentle massage before and during pumping can help with the let-down and getting more milk out as does using a hot gel pack like Therapearl as a warm breast elicits more milk.  If you are on a slower speed and lesser suction, try moving it higher to see if your body reacts more quickly.

Best wishes,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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