Thawing frozen breastmilk - guidelines for childcare providers


I'm using your breastmilk storage bags for my pumped milk. They are the best, I love the double ziplock and the volume and shape allow for me to lay them flat to freeze. My question is about finding details for the proper thawing of breastmilk. My son's daycare uses a crock pot of water to warm bottles and bags. The water is very hot, not actively boiling, but hot enough that you cannot stick your hand directly into the water. Is this safe and proper? I asked them if they had instructions or guidelines for preparing breastmilk, and they did not.


Thank you for your question.  Here are our suggestions for thawing breastmilk:

if the water is not boiling, it is ok to use for thawing of your breastmilk for your baby while at daycare.

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