I think I'm losing my supply. I went from getting over 2 oz each side to now only getting one. I'm pumping every 2 hours 24/7 for 15 minutes with your smart pump. Can you recommend anything else to help save it?


Are you also feeding at the breast in addition to pumping? ideally, your baby is at the breast as they are generally the best in establishing and maintaining your supply.  When pumping, gently massage your breasts before and during pumping and the use of Therapearl Breast Therapy packs, warmed and wrapped around the flanges when pumping, can also help as well since your body is used to a warm infant mouth the body will be tricked into thinking the pump is a baby if warmed.  Try  also to not limit the time spent pumping as you may not be removing all of your milk and the body only replenishes what has been removed.  Also, be sure you are adjusting the suction and cycle settings on the pump to your comfort level as your body could have gotten used to it if you were only on the same settings.  We'd recommend seeing an LC in your area so she can assess your situation and see if you really do have a supply issue and she can offer tips for it if you do have an issue.  she will also take details on any medications you could be taking that could be interfering with your supply as things like common cold and allergy medications can impact supply in some cases.  We wish you the best,  

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