Been breastfeeding for 10 weeks now and most of the time my boobs are so full I leak at night and always feel my baby has a good feed and sometimes not enough to make me comfortable so I might express but some days (past two days) I feel like my supply is down what are some reasons this may be?


As your body adjusts to how much milk to make (based on what baby removes, your body replenshes and creates your supply) it is common for you to be full of milk at some points and feel like there is lesser but it does not mean that there is anything wrong with your milk supply.  As your body adjusts it will moderate the amount it is making so it is not that your supply is down it is that your body is learning how much to make.  Keep feeding baby on demand and if you want to pump to ease some of the fullness that is ok but ideally having baby at the breast is the best way to maintain your supply.  

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