Storing breast milk


I would like to freeze my breast milk in 2 oz increments. I am using 4oz glass jars to store the milk. Is it okay to freeze breatmilk pumped from two different days in the same container? Some days I am able to pump 3 ounces and other days only 1 ounce.



You can combine fresh breastmilk within a 24 hour period. This means that if your first pumping session is at 7am in the morning. You can add your breastmilk to the same container until 7am the following morning and freeze all of the milk together. Just make sure to wait until you have the full amount you want to freeze before placing it in the freezer, because you don't want to add fresh breastmilk to breastmilk that is already frozen.

All the best,

Molly Petersen, CLC

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