Sore Nipples


What is the best way to treat sore/ cracked nipples?


Soreness is often something that breastfeeding moms experience, especially in the early days.  It is important to understand the underlying cause of soreness which can be caused by baby not having a proper or deep enough latch, the position you are using that is causing baby to slip off or down onto your nipple only, or some other issue.  We would recommend using a pea-sized amount of HPA Lanolin on each nipple after each nursing session or you can use Soothies HydroGel Pads as they will address the sorness and cracking with moist would healing.  

It is important to bring baby to the breast instead of leaning down and bringing breast to baby.  One tip is to use your breast and nipple to tickle baby's cheek and lips to get her to open wider and latch her on that way.  Mom can also make your hand into a position as if she were holding a sandwich, called the c-hold so her thumb is under the areola and the index finger on top so she can make her breast a little more compressed to get in the baby's mouth.  If soreness persists, gently unlatch baby and relatch again. if soreness still persists, we recommend seeing a lactation consultant or counselor in person so you can be assessed for issues that could be contributing to this like baby's latch or positioning.  If you need assistance finding a local lc there is a locator on their association website at 

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