Question about how to produced more milk


How can i produced more milk i only doing little not even 1oz milk


Are you nursing baby at the breast in addition to pumping? How old is your baby? It is generally best to have baby at the breast to establish and maintain your milk supply as they trigger the natural reactions to making milk in response to how much they have removed when nursing Feeding baby on demand meaning not on a set schedule but rather watching their hunger cues (sucking on fingers and hands, rooting) and not timing feedings is a good way to maintain your supply. Pumping is a good thing to do if and when you and baby will be apart and can be done in conjuntion with breastfeeding but, again, baby is the ideal way to teach your body how much milk to make.  WIth that said, it is important to know that pumping output is not going to give a true indication of what is in your breast so rest assured if you are pumping and only getting 1 ounce out there is likely much more milk in there.  If you arent already use a double electric breast pump ideally one that has separately adjustible suction and levels so you can mimic how your baby nurses.  It also takes some time for your body to get used to pumping because it is tricking your body into thinking it is a baby. Lastly, if someone else feeds your baby when you would normally be nursing, be sure to pump so your body gets the regular stimulation it needs.  Try not to go longer than 2-3 hours without nursing or pumping.  If you continue to worry about your supply it is best to see an Lactation Consultant in person so she can assess your situation and offer helpful tips and next steps. There is a lc locator on their association website at

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