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My supply on 1 breast is much greater than the supply on the other. My newborn will detach several times from the right breast and has trouble reattaching. I am also trying to pump to supplement when I go back to work. Can I pump the right side a couple times without pumping the left to get the right side supply up?


It is ok to nurse on one side during a feeding but your instinct is right, it is important to make sure that you are pumping on the other side to ensure that breast gets the stimulation it needs to continue to make milk and also to capture the milk that is not being released by your baby nursing at the breast.  If you havent already tried, it may be worth trying different positions and seeing if that helps with baby detaching from the right side as it could be a comfort level situation.  It could also be that the ducts are such that she is having difficulty getting the milk to let down in a way that is similar to how it happens with the left breast so you could also pump a litle bit to get to the let-down and then she will have an easier time hopefully without frustration that she is getting the result she wants (the milk) when attaching to the right breast.  Let us know if any of this helps and if not, we can help with more questions.

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Gina Ciagne, CLC

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