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Just wanting to plan an evening out in January where I would be gone for 4 hours and not able to nurse or pump. My question is can I go that long without affecting milk supply? Also, when do people typically pump if they are going to be out for a period of time during the day? After a feeding ? Before a feeding? Time of day?

Let me know.




Going four hours without pumping on one occasion shouldn't have a dramatic effect on your supply. If you haven't gone that long without pumping or feeding though, you might find that you are very full at the end of the evening. If you have a manual pump, I would recommend taking it with you just in case. That way if you become engorged, you can pump a small amount just for relief. I would recommend pumping after your feeding sessions especially your first session in the morning, as this  is a time when most moms are particularly full. You can also try getting a pumping session in during the evening hours an hour or two after you put your little one down for the evening.

All the best,

Molly Petersen, CLC

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