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This is my 3rd baby and I am going back to work this Monday. I have no problems breastfeeding but I never pump enough when I go back to work. I don't know if it's because of relaxation or skipped pumpings at work but daycare always has to supplement with formula. Suggestions?



Many moms experience issues with their supply when they return to work. A breast pump is not as efficient at removing breastmilk as your baby. In order to try and maintain your supply, I would recommend trying to keep your pumping schedule as close as possible to baby’s feeding schedule. This way your body is getting the signal to make milk every time baby is being fed. Also be sure to take time to relax and concentrate on your pumping session. This can be difficult when trying to squeeze pumping session in between all your other work activities, but it is important to relax and focus on your baby in order to get the best milk production. Some moms find that they just aren’t able to pump enough at work to keep up with baby’s needs. You can try adding pumping sessions at home after feeding at the breast, in the morning or in the evening. You may not be able to express much milk in the beginning but within a week or so your body will adjust and start producing more. Best of luck!

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Molly Petersen, CLC

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