My baby is going on 3 weeks old... I no longer breastfeed because my son was tongue tied and wasnt latching however, i am exclusively pumping. I find myself being somewhat engorged quite frequently... my question is, do I still pump every 2 hours? Or 3 hours?


Nikki,  Thank you for your question.  It is normal especially this early on  for your body to still be figuring out how much milk to make and it will adjust accordingly. since babies, at this age, tend to nurse very frequently, we would recommend pumping at least at 2 hour intervals though  you can pump sooner if you find yourself swelling or engorged.  Your body will even out the supply with the regular stimulation.  Another tip is pump until the streams of milk get slower or stop so you can be sure that you have drained the majority of the milk from  your breasts.  Best wishes 

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