Pump Losing Suction


I just bought my pump earlier this week and now the last couple days it's losing its suction. I'm disappointed because I really was looking forward to being able to pump for my baby to give him breast milk vs formula and I'm having to supplement daily. Is there anything you can suggest that I'm not already doing? I'm cleaning after each use, unplugging after each use, undoing and redoing parts when it stops suctioning. I'd really appreciate any help so I don't have to invest in another pump. I picked your brand because it's a brand I have heard of for years and thought they specialized in breast feeding products. I hope you can help me. Thanks for your time and understanding.



We are sorry you are experiencing these issues.  Our customer service team is ready to help discuss this with you and it would be best to get in touch with them directly with this situation by emailing at customerservice@lansinoh.com or by calling 800-292-4794. 

Best wishes,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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