Pain When Pumping


I have been using a Lansinoh pump since I had my son in September. I have had to replace the unit a few time due to motor issues. I am currently experiencing pain while I'm pumping. I am unsure if this is a pump issue or an infection issue. My nipples are very sore and hot and painful to touch. I just finished a treatment for possible mastitis. The issue was primarly on the left side, but now the right side is also hurting. If you have a recommendation of someone I can talk to in my area who knows about the product I would be appreciate it.



We would recommend discussing this with an IBCLC in your area so she can assess the situation.  It seems in this case that the pain you are experiencing is related to the mastitis and perhaps a residual effect.  If you need to find a lactation consultant in your area there is a locator guide on,  the lactation consultant association website. 

Best wishes,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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