Pain in breast


Hello! Yesterday I woke up with a pain in my left breast it was under the nipple and it feels hard I tryied breastfeeding my baby and ya ing my pump but it still. It even hurts when something touch my breast just a little. I even can't carry my baby because when her body reach my breast it is a big pain.
What can I do? It just appeared suddenly yesterday morning and today havent go away


It is best if you seek the advice of your healthcare professional or have an in person consultation with a Lactation Consultant for an assessment.  It could be mastitis, a breast infection, or perhaps a plugged duct as that comes on suddenly and can also present with symptoms you have described. Both of these can be remedied and you can nurse through it and will be able to continue nursing after it is handled but it is important to know specifically what is going on.  If you need assistance finding an LC in your area their association website has a locator at     In the meantime, try to hand express or gently pump if you cant latch baby on to that side so your breast still gets the stimulation it needs to release and keep making milk.  You can also use a warmed compress or Therapearl Breast Therapy Gel Packs to ease the soreness as well. Here is some additional information:   We hope you feel better soon. 

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