I am havin shooting pain in my left breast. this is my second child and I had no problems nursing my first child. I am using the therapack, what else can I do?


Thank you for your question. Shooting pain is often a symptom of thrush, a yeast infection in the breast, though it is hard to be sure without a full evaluation.  we suggest seeing a lactation consultant who can assess your specific situation and take all specifics into account. Here is a link with some more information about thrush it is best to see a consultant in person as she will evaluate and also be able to offer suggestions since both you and your baby will need to be treated if it is thrush since it can be passed back and forth.  Some things you may be on the lookout for: white patches in baby's mouth (on inside cheeks or on the tongue), particularly red and irritated diaper rash, itchiness on  your breasts or pink/red shininess on the breast, vaginal yeast infection, and/or cracked nipples.  If you need assistance finding a local lactation consultant there is a locator on their association website at   We hope you feel better soon!

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