Overactive Let Down?


I am wondering if I am experiencing overactive let down. I have been breastfeeding for two weeks now and prior to the last couple days things have been going great. Then as of two days ago, one of my breasts literally gushes out milk while I'm feeding on the other side. Then when I do offer that breast to my baby, she sucks rapidly, makes loud gulping noises, and gets fussy. Then later after the feeding she becomes very gassy, fussy, gets the hiccups, and spits up. I am wondering if this is due to the fact that my milk comes down so quickly that she can't keep up? What are things I can do to make the feedings go better for her and I?


When baby is nursing on one side, the other side lets down as well. You may have an overactive let down and that is what it seems if baby is gulping.  You can express a little more before baby latches on that breast and also use a more sitting up position like the football hold where baby is facing you, legs on either side of your side but close into you and facing your breast.  You would support baby's back with your forearm and your hand will gently cup the back of their head.  This way milk is not rushing down becuase of gravity and baby can control more of the flow. 

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Gina Ciagne, CLC

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