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Is it normal for my 9 week old to nurse what feels like every hour during the day and sleep a minimum 5 hours at night? He only nurses maybe 10 minutes on one side each feeding. And do I pump both breasts after he eats? Just the one he nursed from?


It is very normal for your baby to be feeding really frequently especially around his age as he could be trying to up your supply for a growth spurt.  Though it sounds odd, 5 hours is actually a good stretch of time though know that could change as well as certain points in time as well. They never do like to stick to a "schedule". They need to nurse on demand and when they need as their body knows what it needs to grow and develop.  The time between sessions will lengthen out at some point but sounds like it is  a growth spurt and that is good!  He just may be an efficient nurser so 10 minutes doesnt seem out of the ordinary.  Just let him nurse as long as he wants on the one side and then if he lets up for a break , offer him the second one but dont feel like he has to have a certain time on each breast and you dont have to switch. Alot of moms, myself included, nurse on one side at a feeding and just start with the other one the next time.   It is good to double pump after feeding and know that if he spent more time on one breast than the other, that output will be lesser than the other side but that stimulation is good for your body to get signals to keep making the milk.

Kindest Regards,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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