My baby (6 weeks) refuses to nurse directly from me. This problem started approximately 3 weeks ago. I've been pumping to try to keep the supply up. Any reasons why he refuses the breast?


There can be many reasons and without seeing your baby or you in person it is difficult to assess. Have you seen an LC? If not, we would recommend you have a consult so you can discuss your specific situation.  There is a locator on to find resources in your local area.  It is good to keep pumping in the meantime so your body gets the regular stimulation it needs for your supply to be maintained.  Keep offering your baby the breast and try different positions to see if there is a hold that works better for him.  Babies have times when they refuse the breast for some reason but it does not always mean (and rarely means) they are ready to wean.  It could also be the type of artificial nipple you are using.  Breastfeeding takes some work and if the milk flows too readily from the bottle babies can prefer that to the breast.  Offer baby the breast before the bottle to see if this helps in the meantime. We do advise speaking with an LC as she will have specfic tips to help you get baby back to the breast.  Best wishes 

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