Nipple Soreness


I went to a lactation consultant at 1 week due to cracked and bleeding nipples and they said latch looked good. However, here I am at 4 weeks and am still very sore. Most of the time it feels like something, his tongue or roof of his mouth, is rubbing on the tip of my nipple. I try everything I can to get as much in his mouth as possible. I can't see much of the areola and his lips are flanged out. Also he likes to suckle after nursing for comfort. Is this bad? Should I somehow try to force him to take a pacifier?


Lauren.  I'm sorry you are still experiencing soreness. Are you using hpa lanolin after each feed? This can help ease the soreness while promoting soft supple skin. I would advise reaching back out to the lactation consultant to have her look at your latch as it may not be deep enough. It may also be that you or baby has thrush which is easily treated. She can also advise other positions that can help ease how his mouth latches on.  

Best wishes,

Gina, CLC

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