Milk Supply


How can I get my milk supply consistent and up?



The best way to establish and maintain your milk supply is to feed baby at the breast when you see feeding cues, which include sticking out the tongue and bringing hands to the mouth. If you are back at work, I would recommend pumping as close to the same schedule as your baby feeds as possible and continue to feed at the breast when you are with baby. This way your body will stay stimulated to keep making milk. If you notice your supply starts to drop when you go back to work, you can try adding pumping session after your feeding sessions at home. A great time to try is after your first feeding in the morning. Most moms find that they are very full at this time and not only are they able to stockpile the milk they pump, they are able to boost their milk supply by fully emptying their breasts.

All the best,

Molly Petersen, CLC

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