Milk supply


What is the best way for a working mom to increase milk supply. I am away from my baby at least 10 hrs four days a week and pump three times a day at work. I've started fenugreek supplements and try to avoid caffeine but I'm still not certain that I'm producing enough. My babies pediatrician told me at 1 month that I needed to start supplementing with formula. But I think it hurt my supply even more. Help please!!


Having baby at the breast whenever you are together is key. Baby will, in general, always be better at pulling milk out than a pump but it is essential especially when you are apart to keep up your supply.  Dont watch the clock when nursing--let baby nurse as long as he/she wishes.  If baby is sleeping through the night, it may be necessary to pump at least once overnight (either before you go to bed or early before baby awakens) and if anyone else feeds baby when you are there, be sure to pump then too so your body doesnt conserve because it didnt have regular stimulation its used to.  You may also want to include another pumping session at work --pump at a schedule that mimics baby's feeding schedule. We wish you the best, Gina C, CLC

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