Milk production


Other than pumping more often, is there a way to increase my milk production? Such as vitamins or supplements that are healthy for baby?


Breastmilk production works on the premise of supply and demand meaning the more baby "demands" or nurses and takes milk out, the more the body will supply what has been taken out.  Having baby at the breast is generally the best way to establish and maintain  your supply.  This includes letting baby nurse whenever they show hunger cues (sucking on fingers and hangs, smacking lips, rooting, etc.) and not limiting time on or at the breast.  Pumping can increase supply as well.  There are products, herbs and medicinals called galactagogues that can also increase supply such as those in tinctures, teas, and supplements like fenugreek, blessed thistle, goats rue and others.  It is best to connect with a lactation counselor or consultant so they can see whether there is an issue wwith your production as many moms worry that they dont have enough when they actually are making plenty. If you need assistance finding an LC in  your area there is a locator on the LC association website at   Best wishes!

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