My baby is only 5 days old and I am having a real problem getting her to latch correctly. My nipples are so sore so when it comes time to breastfeed, I dread it and sometimes even cry. Please give me some tips on how to correctly latch her. I am a larger busted woman and I feel my baby has a small mouth. When I latch her, her top lip is not protruding on too of my breast. She gets so frantic and latches on so quickly I don't get a chance to do it the proper way. Please help!


Mallory, this can be a difficult time and its even harder when you are sore.  If you are not already using it, HPA Lanolin can be applied after each feeding so you can get some relief while you get baby latched on correctly.    It is ultra purified so it doesnt have to be wiped off prior to breastfeeding. Our Soothies can also provide cooling and healing relief for soreness as well.  It is important to ensure that baby's mouth is wide open and that you bring baby to your breast when latching on.  Given you have larger breasts, using the c-hold of your breast so your thumb is on the top above the areola and your index finger is below the areola (like you are eating a sandwich one handed, can also help to compress your breast so it more easily fits into baby's mouth.  It would likely be more helpful for you to see an IBCLC in person so she can assess how baby is latching on and give you in person tips.  If you need assistance locating an LC in your area, the lactation consultant asssociation has a great locator on their website

Best wishes,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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