lasinoh plastic storage bags


I purchased the lasinoh plastic storage bags. Can you pls give me instructions on how to thaw refrigerated milk in the bag and frozen milk in the bag? Do I leave it in the bag? Any chance of any chemicals leaking into the milk?



Lisa, thanks for reaching out to us. The good thing about breastmilk is that it thaws quickly.  We recommend freezing in small increments of a few ounces each until you know how much expressed breastmilk your baby will take at a feeding. That makes them easier and quicker to thaw as well.  You leave the milk in the bag and use warm water to thaw it.  You can use a bowl or other container to put the bag in the water.  The plastic we used is specifically for breastmilk and there are no chemicals like BPA or BPS or others that would leach into the milk.  We have some tips and storage guidelines details on our website: 

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