I just had my princess on Friday. My milk finally came in this morning, and my boobs are super huge. However, I'm trying to pump to decrease and only a drop is coming out. However, when I stop pumping it begins to continually leak, what am I doing wrong??


Congratulations on the birth of your baby. It is important to establish your supply so having your baby at the breast, especially in these early days, is going to set the stage for supply and demand.  What baby takes out your body replenishes.  When you pump you are tricking your body into thinking it is a baby and in general a baby is going to be more efficient than the pump in drawing out the milk  If possible, focus on baby and dont pump in these early days.  Your body is getting used to her latching on and when pumping your body is getting a little confused and not letting the milk out.  IT is recommended to wait until at least 4 weeks to pump so baby can teach body how much milk to make.  It is ok to pump a little for a few seconds to relieve pressure but in general baby at the breast is ideal.  Pumping actually increases supply as it gives more stimulation to your breasts it does not decrease supply and will not decrease your discomfort in the long run. Every time baby nurses, she will teach your body how much milk to make and your breasts will become less swollen and engorged.  Feed baby on demand, dont watch the clock and also let her nurse as long as she wants on the first breast before offering her the second breast.  Take care, Gina C, CLC 

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