I feed on both sides... sometimes 10 min each one or every 2 hours on both sides. When he does that my right nipple feels like it is on fire. It stings and hurts really bad and sometimes it feels like it's coming from my back. My left side doesn't do that but my right side almost always does. Am I doing anything wrong? My little boy is 5 1/2 weeks old.



Thank you for getting in touch. I'ms sorry you are experiencing pain.  It could be a number of things and it is important to know what exactly is causing it before doing things to remedy it.  It is difficult to assess without seeing you so I would suggest you see a lactation consultant as soon as possible. if you dont already know of one in your area, there is a locator on the lactation consultant association website where you can search in your city: www.ilca.org.  Take good care and please let us know if you are having any difficulties finding an LC to see you.

Hang in there,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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