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My little guy is 3 months now and near the end of most feeds he cries quite a bit. I was thinking he might need a burp but if I put him back on the breast he goes to latch but then starts crying again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Thank you for getting in touch with your question.  It could be that he is full and does have to burp or has some tummy discomfort.  It could also be that your flow has slowed down toward the end of the feed and he wants to feed more and is getting frustrated that the milk is not coming out as quickly.  You can gently massage your breasts before and during a nursing to encourage another let-down and the milk to flow more readily to see if that helps. At 3 months, he is still figuring things out so it is likely a temporary situation but try these things and let us know if it continues.  It would be good to see a breastfeeding advisor if it continues so she can assess baby latching and see if she can see something in person that we can't see from afar. 

Take care,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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