Cracked nipples


I have a 4 day old, started breastfeeding immediately upon delivery. The RNs observed, as did the lactation consultant, and they all said he has a great latch. There is pain initially when he is latching, but after that, no pain. However, my nipples have scabs on them in spots and are quite painful most of the time. I feel that this is also causing issues with latching, as my son will initially take the nipple and then will spit it back out several times before finally latching to stay. Any suggestions?


Nicole, thanks for your question.  If you have not already been using it, use HPA Lanolin on your nipples after nursing so you can get some relief from the soreness and to address the scabs.  You can also use Soothies Gel Pads as they will also offer relief but will not be too sticky to pull at the scabs.  Another option would be nipple shieids but it is important to use those under the advisement of a lactation consultant and for short term usage.  Be sure that baby has a wide open latch and if it hurts, unlatch him and relatch.  Babies can adjust their latches so if it continues it would be a good idea to visit the lc again to discuss options like nipple shields so she can assess what is going on specifically.  Take care, Gina C, CLC 

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