Cooler and ice pack for mOmma bottles?


I am SO thrilled that my baby will eat from your mOmma bottles! I tried 7 others and had almost given up! Thank you!!! I am wondering if you make a cooler bag and/or an ice pack that will suit them. The one I'm using is from my Medela pump kit and the mOmma bottles don't fit well in the bag or against the ice that's formed to go around a "regular" bottle. Do you have anything like this to transport the bottles to and from the caregiver? Thank you so much!



Unfortunately no we don't have any type of a cooler or transport system for the round mOmma bottles. However this year we did update our bottles to a more traditional shape. The NaturalWave nipple that you were able to get your baby to take is exactly the same, it's just the shape of the bottle that has changed. We don't sell a specific cooler for these either but the new shape works with many of the coolers and ice packs that are available

Kindest Regards,

Molly Petersen, CLC

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