Breastfeeding with implants


I had breast augmentation in 2010 above the muscle gel "gummy" implants. I also had a post surgical infection in my left breast that left scar tissue. I am concerned about breast feeding with implants and worried about let down in left breast due to scar tissue. Is there any recommendation to help be successful at breastfeeding or is there any complication I may experience related to implants and scar tissue. I breast fed my first child before I got the implants with out any problems. But that was in 2002 before implants.


Thank you for your question.   It is best to have an in person assessment with a lactation consultant so she can go into depth about your previous experience and the details of your augmentation so she can further assist you as you prepare for this baby.  It is great to be asking these questions now so you are prepared.  If you need assistance finding an LC in your area there is a locator on their association website at  

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