I think my milk supply is low because I don't feel the letdown when my LO is nursing, how can I increase it?


It is understandable to be worried about your supply but just because you dont feel let-down does not mean there is an issue with supply.  Many moms dont feel the tingle of a let-down while others feel it every time.  Is baby gaining weight and meeting developmental milestones according to their healthcare provider? Are they peeing and pooping regularly?  That is a good indication of your supply because what goes in baby comes out in pees and poops and as they gain weight.  If you are concerned about your supply, feed baby on demand, ie. anytime they are showing hunger cues--sucking on fingers, smacking lips, rooting---and dont watch the clock. Let baby nurse as long as they want on the first breast.  When they pause or stop, burp baby and offer the second breast.  Be sure to regularly feed==at least 8-12 times in 24 hour period and dont skip feedings or limit them.  If for any reason someone else feeds baby be sure to pump at that time so your body gets the regular stimulation it needs to keep making milk.  A skipped feeding means your body does not get that stimulation that baby would provide so its not empyting your breast and therefore wont replensish and keep up your supply.  Baby at the breast is generally the best way to maintain or increase your supply.  If you are still concerned, a discussion in person with a lactation consultant or counselor, where they can see you and baby together, can be helpful so you can know if you are having issues with your supply.  

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