Hello! I was wanting some advice or tips on producing more milk. I have a 10 week old and I am trying to keep him on more breast milk instead of formula; however, I am not producing enough. I was wondering if you have any helpful hints. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon! Amanda Reveles


Having baby at the breast is key.  Feed baby on demand whenver you are together and pump on baby's feeding schedule if you are apart during a feeding.  If someone else feeds baby when you are there pump during that time so your body does not think it needs to make less milk because of a skipped feeding but try to keep baby at the breast.  It is important that baby is regularly peeing and pooping and gaining weight.  The baby is key to teaching your body how much milk to make based on what they remove so, again, having baby at the breast triggers the natural process of replenishing the milk baby has removed.  

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