How do I know weather or not im producing enough breast milk? The last couple of days i can bearly pump 3oz out of one breast and my 2 week old baby is being very fussy and latches and then unlatches and cries.


One of the best ways to know if you are producing enough milk is baby's output--peeing and pooping.  What goes in must come out and if she is gaining weight, peeing, pooping and meeting other milestones it is not likely you have a supply issue.  Pumping output is not a true representation of what is in your breasts as baby is generally superior to a pump at drawing out the milk.  When you are pumping your body is being tricked into thinking it is a baby and because it is a natural process and baby latching on triggers natural stimulation they are usually getting far more than what you are pumping out.  At her age, it is common for her to latch on and unlatch because they have to work at getting the milk to let down and to flow adn if it is not immediate they get frustrated.  Try moving her feedings up a few minutes so she is not at the point of getting fussy and frustrated. You can also pump just enough for a let-down and then latch her on to see if that helps.  you can also use gentle massage before and during nursing to encourage more milk to flow.  If this persists, we recommend seeing a lactation consultant or counselor in person as she will be able to observe baby and offer specific tips and suggestions for you.  If you need help finding an LC in your area there is a locator on their association website at  

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