How can i produce more milk?


Having baby at the breast is the best way to establish and maintain your supply. Dont watch the clock or limit feeding times.  Ideally, have baby at the breast when you are together and if, for any reason, someone else feeds baby be sure to pump or hand express so your body does not limit your milk because of lack of stimulation.  Many moms worry about their supply but their concerns are unfounded as they have enough but they doubt their body is producing enough.  Baby should be having regular pees and poops and gaining weight.  What goes in (milk) comes out (pees and poops) so if baby is gaining weight and meeting milestones there shouldnt be concern about your supply.  If you continue to be concerned we would advise an in person consult with a lactation consultant or counselor so they can assess if there is a supply issue.  There is a locator on if you need assistance finding a local lc in your area. 

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