Bottle to Breastfeeding


I didn't get my milk in till day 4 so since my baby was born I had to bottle feed. Now I'm trying to BF but I just find it very hard. I tried to BF while he was crying but then I read baby can just get stressed? So I stopped & I'm finding it hard because I don't seem to find the right time to BF him. Since the first time I tried he just lets the nipple sit there on his mouth but he doesn't suck at all.



Transitioning to feeding at the breast when a bottle is introduced at a very early age, can be difficult. However it is completely achievable. Before trying to offer baby the breast, I would recommend hand expressing until your milk lets-down. That way when baby latches on to the breast he will immediately be rewarded with breastmilk and this may entice him to continue feeding. If possible I would try offering baby the breast at as many feeding sessions as possible. This will give him lots of opportunity to get used to latching and feeding at the breast. A particularly good time to try is when he is sleepy. When baby is sleepy or napping, you will sometimes see his eyes moving back and forth under his lids. During this time he is on the very edge of sleep, between sleep and wake. He is very calm and relaxed, and this can be a good time to try feeding, especially if it is at the end of the nap because he will probably be hungry.

Best of luck!

Molly Petersen, CLC

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