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My baby will be 6 months in two weeks. I am currently working full time and I pump once in the morning, then at lunch time I go feed my baby as the sitter is nearby and then pump again in the afternoon. In the past couple of weeks, she's not eating much when i come see her, due to her eating some cereal/lunch and falling back to sleep. My question is, if I stop/skip this feeding, will i be able to maintain my supply and feed her only at home after work, before bed and in the very early morning hours? She goes down between 9-10 and wakes at 4-5 to eat and then again at 6.



If you do decide to cut the feeding during lunch time, I would suggest that you pump during that time instead. Going several hours between pumping or feeding sessions could definitely reduce your supply. Even though baby is starting solids, she should still get the majority of her nutrition from you breast milk up to one year. Adding this pumping session will allow you to have extra milk that can be sent with her to the sitters.

All the best,

Molly Petersen, CLC

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