Benefits of breastfeeding


My family members have been giving me a hard time for choosing to breastfeed over formula feeding, what are the benefits of breastfeeding, and what is the recommended age of baby to breastfeed for ?


Linda, this can be a hard situation to be in but we commend you for choosing to breastfeed.  The benefits baby are many including reduced risk for ear infections, respiratory infections, asthma and allergies, overweight and obesity, diabetes, as well as some childhood cancers and for you a reduced risk for heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and many others.  This is a summary of the benefits for you and baby:

It is recommended that moms exclusively breastfeed baby for first 6 months (research has shown that this provides extensive health benefits when baby is ingesting only breastmilk and no other foods or liquids) and then with solids and complementary foods for up to 12 months and then after as long as desired.  Here is some additional information that can be of use as well.

We wish you the best. Take care and remember by breastfeeding you are giving your baby (and youself) health benefits that can't be replicated or offered in an alterative or subsitute.  

Gina C, CLC

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