Baby Sleeping Too Much


My baby is about a week old and sleeps almost all night and doesn't nurse much. I was wondering if her not eating a night hurt my breast milk supply? They feel really full and I currently don't have a breast pump.


Until baby has regained her birthweight, and out of the first several weeks, it is best to wake the baby for feeds.  Babies this young will be tired but they need to eat often to keep growing and to keep building your supply. At this age, dont go more than 2 hours max between feedings because baby is training your body to know how much milk to produce.  It would be best to get a breast pump (Manual if you will do it occasionally or a double electric if you will be doing it more often) so that if baby doesnt eat as much milk as you have, that you are able to express it and so your body resupplies itself with more milk.

Kindest Regards,

Gina Ciagne, CLC

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